Hear what a selection of clients have to say about the benefits of our solutions

"The course was very effective overall, especially for Policy Makers like us. The 5i and 4P framework was something I have never heard of before but it will be very useful in stimulating the SME ecosystem in Bhutan"

Sonam Yangdon,
Ministry of Economic Development, Bhutan

"The most beneficial thing is that VSC has provided us with methodologies and tools to develop smart ways to better service SMEs in Mauritius"

Tasneema Bibi Abdoolcurim,
Ministry of Trade & Industry, Mauritius

"I found the development of cluster initiatives to be the most interesting as it is something we are trying to implement in my city. Creating the clusters will help strengthen our city and plug the gaps in our supply chain"

Catalina Lowry,
Querataro State Department, Mexico

"I have learned how Singapore supports SMEs and also think that the 5i and 4P analysis framework from VSC is just great! It provides an easy way to categorise the needs of the SME Ecosystem and pairs up the instruments for implementation."

Michael Chacon Valverde,
Procomer, Costa Rica

" The most beneficial thing for me was the structure and analytical frameworks. VSC has a good model to present, allowing me to understand, track and monitor the implementation. I can apply this structure and framework to my work in Colombia. To me, that was the best thing I learnt."

Juan Carlos Tobon,
Bancoldex, Colombia

"The 4P Framework Scorecard is very important not only for the policy maker, but for the executing agencies as well! It will establish a clear roadmap for policy makers and SMEs respectively, and will help the government speed up project processes."
Im Sokthy,
Supreme National Economic Council, Cambodia

"Without a doubt, VSC’s 4P Framework Scorecard makes implementation easier; through an integral set of guidelines that ultimately establishes a more defined purpose for a project. It also creates accountability for all parties involved."

Khairrul Aminus Bin Kamaruddin,
Prime Minister Department, Malaysia

"VSC’s techniques have taught me how to better analyze risks and how that can enhance the rest of this imperative methodology."

Maria Yarmalachuk,
Ministry of Economic Development, Russia

"A common technology platform improves the way we do business. A ready portal for CLMV countries will help to make trade between us easier."

Cpt. Aung Khin Myint,
Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Financial scorecard makes evaluation more comprehensive. Linkages to business model enable more meaningful interpretation and enale establishment of appropriate and effective action plan to improve the present situation."
Yap Poh Chu,
Hitachi Ltd

"Honestly, I lack the experience of Leadership. But the course has motivated me, and the scorecard analysis has given me an idea of my leadership style. The transformational leadership model can assist me in my work through the development & proper management of procedures, targets & timeline."

Dayang NurSalihah Amalinah Haji Su’ut,
Brunei Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources

"The credit risk techniques were very practical and with a better understanding, I am able to perform better in my job."
Lai Sook Wan,
Standard Chartered Bank


"The various illustrations on the PSLE model and inter-company holdings and common risks gives me a good understanding of how the various models will implicate the credit rating of the related companies."

Kenneth Chan,
BOCI Securities Ltd (HK)

"The methodologies and analysis are useful and practical for my area of work as it provides me with a good understanding on what needs to be taken into consideration before dealing with other external parties."

Tang Wai Kee,
KVB Kunlun Securities (HK)